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In a world teeming with MMORPGs, it's rare to find a title that stands out from the crowd. Dive into the genre, and you'll see an almost endless list of worlds set in fantasy realms, each one claiming to bandish a unique twist on the age-old formula. Despite the competition, TERA, a game brought to us by Bluehole Studios, has managed to carve out a unique niche for itself. It does this in a surprising way: by sticking to the classic MMORPG blueprint while injecting a dash of combat mechanics and graphics that give it a unique flavor.

TERA (The Exiled Realm of Arborea) takes place in a sprawling fantasy universe filled with endless adventures and towering adversaries that push your skills to the limit. If you're a fan of MMORPGs and looking for a game that stays true to the genre while adding its unique spin, TERA might just be for you.

Absolute Combat System

One of TERA's biggest selling points is its combat system. Unlike typical MMORPGs, where battles often involve simply clicking on enemies and using hotkey skills, TERA offers a more interactive and skill-based experience. Its Absolute Combat System requires precision, quick reflexes, and tactical thinking, making every battle thrilling and engaging. Each class has unique skills and play styles, promising a distinct experience every time you play.

Immersive Open World

The world of Arborea is breathtakingly beautiful and rich, with diverse landscapes, vibrant cities, and sprawling dungeons. Each region in this immersive open-world offers new landscapes and challenges to overcome. Plus, there's no shortage of brilliantly designed mythical creatures to engage with – each with their unique behavioral patterns and attack styles.


At its core, TERA’s story unfolds like many other MMORPGs, essentially based on a straightforward chain of "Action-Consequence" narrative flow. The players must unite the divided factions of Arborea to fend off a mysterious and powerful menace spawning from the realm's dark history. However, TERA weaves an intricate tapestry of interpersonal relationships, charismatic NPCs, and lore-driven side-quests, making it much more nuanced and immersive than a straightforward good versus evil tale. The plot development unfolds beautifully with a dynamic pace, integrating character arcs aligned with the main storyline.

Graphics and Art Styling

TERA’s in-game artwork is something that sets it apart from its contemporaries. The visual aesthetics focus heavily on high fantasy, featuring lush, vibrant landscapes and intricate, detailed character and creature designs. The use of vibrant colors brings the world of Arborea to life with a sense of wonder and awe rarely seen in the genre. Each new environment looks distinct, with its own unique themes and color schemes, creating a diverse world that captivates the player's imagination.

Sound and Music

Sound is another area in which TERA truly shines. The background music is lush and atmospheric, contributing immensely to the overall mood of the game. It ranges from serene and soothing in the quiet outlying areas to intense and pulse-pounding during battles. The sound effects are top-notch, providing immersive, realistic accompaniments to the action in the game. The game does lack voice acting, a characteristic that could elevate the narrative to a higher level, especially during emotive cutscenes.


Despite its leveling grind, TERA does shine when it comes to replayability. The inclusion of several playable races and classes, each with unique skills and play styles, lets players experience the game from different perspectives. The endgame content, primarily focused on explosive dungeon raids and intense Player vs. Player (PvP) battles, also contributes significantly to its replay value. Furthermore, seasonal events and periodic content updates give players new goals to pursue. The diverse range of content and the urge to master the skill-based combat can easily entice players to embark on multiple play-throughs.

Weaknesses of TERA

However, no game is perfect, and TERA is no exception. The storyline might not grip everyone: it follows the age-old tale of good versus evil, deviating little from the MMORPG norm. Also, some players might find its leveling system a bit gritty, requiring substantial amounts of time to reach higher levels. Furthermore, its early leveling process can feel repetitive, as it mainly involves defeating hordes of low-level enemies.

Users Perception

Despite its weaknesses, millions of players worldwide are enamored with TERA and hail it as one of the best games in the genre. Users have particularly praised its combat system, open world, and impressive visuals. Some call the combat system 'innovative' and 'refreshing', while many laud the immersive world for offering a plethora of tasks beyond relentless monster hunting.

Graphics and Sound






Lasting Appeal



  • Innovative and interactive Absolute Combat System
  • Visually stunning graphics, both character and environment designs
  • Vibrant open-world offering variety in tasks and adventures
  • Diverse races and classes allowing multiple game styles
  • Strong replay value, aided by dynamic endgame content and periodic updates
  • High-quality sound effects and atmospheric background music


    • Traditional MMORPG storylines may lack novelty for some
    • The leveling process can be seen as grindy and monotonous
    • Lack of voice acting could detract from the overall immersive experience
    • Early game content has limited diversity, largely focused on low-level mob hunting.
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