Reimagining Dragon Age: The Veilguard Brings Romance, Speedier Combat, and a Modern World

03 Jul 2024



After a decade since the character was introduced, Bioware has finally integrated a romantic feature with Lace Harding. Harding, a dwarven scout who guides your character, was a non-romance component of Dragon Age: Inquisition. However, the forthcoming Dragon Age: The Veilguard, formerly known as Dreadwolf, offers Harding as an official comrade and love partner.

Harding's Intriguing Personality

Dragon Age

Harding's character is one of the major highlights of the Inquisition, and she is known for her sarcastic, engaging, and bright demeanor. Irrespective of where your character goes, Harding loyally follows you. Dragon Age followers will be elated to discover that Harding is evolving into a central figure in the much-anticipated fourth installment of the series.

Romance without Boundaries

Dragon Age

During Summer Game Fest, director Corrine Busche unveiled the opening game sequence, suggesting that all the allies in The Veilguard are pansexual with no racial preferences. Unlike past editions where love partners were varied in their sexual and ancestral choices, companions in The Veilguard can be romanced by anybody as long as you level up your relationship status with them.

Pansexuality Redefined

However, Busche emphasizes that companions in The Veilguard are truly pansexual, not player-sexual. Romantic paths don't change to suit the main character's gender and sexuality. Instead, they have their own aspirations and affections independent of the player's characteristics.

Strengthened Bonds and Capabilities

Dragon Age

An exciting feature of The Veilguard is the game's heavier focus on strengthening bonds with your comrades. Through these relationships, your character can earn special updates to your companion’s abilities in addition to their primary skills.

Efficient Recruitment

Based on Busche's insights, players can meet and enlist every ally by the end of the first act, which is quicker than Inquisition.

Faster and More Aggressive Combat

The Veilguard introduces quicker and more intense combat, focusing on close-range battles and swift maneuvers. Special emphasis is placed on building relationships between characters to improve fighting skills.

Step into Tevinter

Dragon Age

In this edition, the game transports you to Tevinter, the unseen location in Thedas. Tevinter presents a hint of arcane punk, blurring the lines between magic and industrialization.

Evolution of Adventure

The game proceeds in Tevinter, where Rook, with the aid of Varric, strives to stop Solus from wiping out the Veil. With Harding joining them, the trio eventually reaches Solus and attempts to stop his ritual of destroying the Veil.

Anticipating a New Dragon Age Story

The Veilguard exemplifies Dragon Age's essence of choice-influenced dialogue and combat while revealing the visual enhancements over the years. It is expected to be released for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC this autumn.