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"Among Us," developed by Innersloth, is a captivating multiplayer online game that tests your skills in a game of social deduction set in the depths of space. Players find themselves on a spaceship, assuming the roles of either crew members or deceitful impostors, with true identities shrouded in secrecy. The game skyrocketed in popularity, thanks in part to being featured by well-known YouTube and Twitch personalities. With a community of millions playing around the clock, now's the perfect time to dive into the chaos.

Crewmate Side

At the start of each round, players are randomly assigned the role of either a hardworking crewmate, which makes up the majority, or an elusive impostor. As a crewmate, your mission is to navigate the spacecraft, engaging in various maintenance tasks to ensure its proper function. Additionally, you'll be on the lookout for any deceased crewmates and initiate crucial meetings to deliberate on the incidents with fellow players. The group's goal is to uncover the deceitful players and eject them by holding a vote. However, the challenge lies in discerning the truth, as impostors are skilled at blending in with the rest of the crew.

Impostor Side

Should you assume the mantle of an impostor, you are in for a thrilling experience of subterfuge. The abilities at an impostor's disposal include the use of the ship's vents for swift and stealthy movement, neutralizing crewmates, and expertly framing others to divert suspicion. Numerous players eagerly await the chance to play as an impostor, reveling in the task of methodically reducing the crew's numbers one at a time. Caution is key – if someone witnesses your actions, they could report the incident and put you at risk of being exposed.

A Great One

Mobile titles rarely become extremely popular cross-platform titles, but AMong Us has tackled the challenge. It’s one of the best-selling video games ever and it’s really exciting to play no matter what kind of gamer you are. Can you outsmart the whole crew? Join in and let’s see!


1. Which platforms support Among Us?

The largest share of players uses iOS and Android devices to play the game as these are the original platforms on which the game came in 2018. You can also download it for Windows PC, Xbox One and series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. Other platforms are currently unavailable.

2. Is Among Us free for all platforms?

Not quite. You can play the game for free on iOS and Android as the game involves advertisements for monetization on these platforms. The versions for Windows and Nintendo Switch are available for $5 as well as the Xbox version. However, you can play the game much cheaper than that if you are subscribed to one of Microsoft’s gaming services, such as Game Pass.

3. Does Among Us support crossplay?

Yes. The game supports crossplay on all the platforms and doesn’t require any adjustments to enable it. Just launch it and enjoy.

Graphics and Sound






Lasting Appeal



  • Crossplay is enabled on all supported platforms
  • Free for iOS and Android
  • Unique text-chat-based gameplay
  • Up to 10 players per match
  • The mechanics are very easy to learn


    • PC and console versions are paid
    • There are some bugs in the Switch port.
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