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Gardenscapes is a garden simulation game where the player is tasked with decorating a mansion, as well as assisting their sister in tending to the garden.


The gameplay consists of players unlocking new areas of the garden by solving puzzles, which can be used to unlock new decorations for the garden. Players can also earn stars by completing tasks such as planting and watering flowers, trimming hedges, and painting fences.


Gardenscapes presents an animated world that players can interact with in many different ways. When looking at the screen, players will be able to see the mansion, the garden, and the front yard, which includes a swimming pool. Players will also be able to see the flowers they have planted, as well as various decorations they have unlocked and placed around the garden.

Replayability of Gardenscapes

Replayability is not the main objective of the game, but it can be done if the player wishes to continue the game. Players can replay the game as many times as they want, but there is no clear indication of how many times they have played.


Overall, Gardenscapes is a challenging, but fun game to play. Although the game does have some disadvantages, it also has many advantages.

Graphics and Sound






Lasting Appeal



  • Gardenscapes is a game that is fun to play and provides a challenging but enjoyable experience
  • The game does not require internet or wifi connection, and players do not have to pay anything in order to play the game
  • The game does not require any skills, but it does require the player to be observant in order to complete the game
  • The player can complete the game without any knowledge about plants and gardening
  • The game is appropriate for children and adults


    • Gardenscapes does have some disadvantages. In order to complete the game, players must have a large amount of patience and time
    • The game requires a lot of time to complete, and players will find themselves having many different objectives that they need to complete
    • Players will find themselves playing the same level over and over again in order to complete the level, which can become repetitive and boring
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