Keiichiro Toyama Embraces Generational Shift in Gaming with Slitterhead as Potential Swan Song

02 Jul 2024



The creator behind Silent Hill expressed that he wouldn't be upset if Slitterhead became his final game, as his ultimate goal is to pave the way for newer creators. Keiichiro Toyama, known for his work on the original Silent Hill, Siren, and both Gravity Rush titles, is currently developing Slitterhead, a unique action-horror game featuring body-hopping elements. Given his extensive and impactful career, Toyama feels content with the idea of Slitterhead being his last project as a director.

Toyama reflected on remarks made by Astlibra Revision creator Keizo regarding the number of games one could develop in a lifetime. Toyama noted, "From a personal perspective, I'm going into my mid-50s," and through an interpreter, he mentioned that he wouldn't be discontent if Slitterhead were his final creation.

Nevertheless, Toyama clarified that he has no definitive plans to cease making games. His primary focus is now on what he can offer to his studio's next generation of developers. "I opened up this studio, and we actually have a lot of new staff coming in, including younger staff. I'm more concerned about what I can leave behind for them," he said. He underscored that this might not be his final game, but he believes his ultimate mission is to create opportunities for younger creators to pursue their passions.

Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto recently shared a similar perspective, highlighting that the company is undergoing a "generational handover" with incoming talented young developers. Additionally, Resident Evil's former director, Shinji Mikami, remained at Tango Gameworks for eight years beyond his initial plan to support the growth of younger developers.