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Pokémon is one of the most beloved franchises in gaming history. It's been around for decades and has spawned a huge following. Now, with the release of Pokémon Scarlet, fans can experience a whole new adventure! For those unfamiliar with the series, Pokémon is a game based on collecting and battling monsters called "Pokémon." Players take on the role of trainers who explore different regions to catch and train their Pokémon to become champions. The new game takes this concept further by introducing several new features that will make your journey even more exciting!

It's a turn-based role-playing game that allows players to explore the world of Kanto and battle wild Pokémon. Players can choose from a variety of different characters, each with unique abilities and skills to help them on their journey. They will also be able to capture wild Pokémon and breed them to become even more powerful. The graphics are bright and colorful, making the game an exciting adventure for fans of the franchise. With plenty of features, challenges, and secrets to unlock, Pokémon Scarlet is sure to have gamers clinging to their screens!

Uncovering all that Pokémon Scarlet has to offer

Most of all, fans will be drawn to the opportunity to catch all 151 original Pokémon in the Kanto region - including such rare ones as Muto and Ditto! But it's not just about catching creatures. Players can also customize their characters by equipping them with items such as weapons or armor and learn new techniques in special pokemarks located throughout the map. The game also has an online component, where players can compete against other trainers around the world or participate in tournaments, being rewarded with rare items or eggs of legendary pokémon, from which powerful monsters hatch after a certain number of battles are won. Unfortunately, some users have complained about long loading times when entering new areas or battles with particularly strong opponents, but this does not distract from the gameplay in general, just worth paying attention to if you are going to buy the game soon!

What are fans saying about Pokémon Scarlet?

Since the release of Pokémon Scarlet last year, the general attitude toward the game has been pretty positive. Many gamers have praised its visuals, and others like how deep the combat mechanics are compared to previous installments in the series. In addition, people are happy with how vast the Kanto region seems to be thanks to the various side quests that offer additional rewards, such as rare items or money, depending on the time of completion, the difficulty level is chosen, and so on. Not surprisingly, many people consider this game a must-play. So if you're looking for an addictive RPG on Switch, be sure to give this product a try today!


  • Incredible graphics and sound;
  • Unique and engaging story;
  • Well-crafted characters and world;
  • Interesting puzzles and challenges;
  • Fun mini-games;


  • Some difficulty spikes can be challenging;
  • Controls can be a bit clunky;
  • Some levels can be repetitive;

Graphics and Sound






Lasting Appeal


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