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Get ready for the ride of your life with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe! Played it on Wii U? You can still prepare for fresh surprises. Deemed an all-inclusive edition, this game incorporates all of the classic content as well as previously launched DLC. Plus, it sprinkles in some seemingly novel elements to make it even more engaging. 

A Deluxe Game Loaded with Fun

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe goes beyond the ordinary to bring you a whole integrated package of amusement. The offering includes more tracks and characters than ever before – a whopping number of 48 exhilarating courses and 42 richly diverse characters. The roster also includes adorable new entrants like Bowser Jr. and Splatoon's very own Inklings! Furthermore, you get to revel in the 200cc speed class that brings you unparalleled speed on the track. With all courses, characters, and modes available and unlocked at your fingertips right from the start, there’s no waiting around to dive into the exciting world of racing.

Helping Hands for Newbies: Smart Steering

The developers have also paid attention to the newer players with the introduction of Smart Steering. Designed to aid novices in staying on track, this feature simplifies the game experience for beginners. The minor niggle here is that Smart Steering is turned on by default, and the off-switch might be a bit elusive in the menus. Despite this, its addition is a noble idea to provide a helpful hand to those who might need it while they learn the game mechanics.

Revamping Visuals and Course Design

Now, let’s talk about the graphics. It’s truly noteworthy how the artwork has stood the test of time, appearing as wonderful today as it was back in 2014! Every course, whether old or new, has meticulous detailing, making it easy to appreciate the efforts put into their design. For instance, Mario Circuit, which charmingly twists like a Mobius strip or the remade tracks such as SNES Rainbow Road and F-Zero’s Mute City, all exhibit the brilliancy of the game's art direction. Just be aware that when you play with three or four players on a single Switch, there's a drop in framerate from 60 to 30 fps. 

Revitalizing Battle Mode: A Major Attraction

For those who already played it on Wii U, the real charm of this version appears in the reborn Battle Mode. It introduces five ingenious objective-based modes, each bringing a unique competitive element to the eight diverse arenas. The modes include Balloon Battle, Shine Thief, Bob-bomb Blast, Coin Runners, and the highlight - Renegade Roundup. Out of all, Renegade Roundup stands out with its nail-biting suspense that tests your skills to survive against Piranha Plant cops, making it extremely thrilling with the right team.


To round up, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe shines as a game packed with a lot of newness and depth. Despite some minor flaws like the confusing Smart Steering setting and less-than-perfect online service, the game still succeeds as a celebration of the fast-paced, fun-filled nature of the Mario Kart universe.

Graphics and Sound






Lasting Appeal



  • A larger number of courses and characters
  • Introduction of new characters like Bowser Jr. and Inklings
  • Stunning and detailed graphics
  • The revamped Battle mode.


    • Smart Steering is turned on by default
    • Online service could be improved.
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