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NBA 2K24 sets out to honor the legendary Kobe Bryant, aiming to encapsulate the intensity and brilliance of his basketball career. While it strives to meet this lofty goal, the game is somewhat marred by persistent issues with microtransactions and a sense of familiarity in its gameplay modes. Despite these setbacks, NBA 2K24 does introduce elements that shine, offering moments of brilliance reminiscent of the Black Mamba himself.

Graphics and Realism: The ProPlay Boost

One of the game's highlights is its newly implemented ProPlay technology, enhancing the realism of basketball maneuvers. This advancement brings a noticeable improvement to the visual and physical aspects of gameplay, offering players a more lifelike experience. ProPlay elevates these moments, from a flawless dunk to a precise jump shot, making them more thrilling and lifelike.

Reliving the Glory: Mamba Moments

Among the game’s redeeming features, Mamba Moments stands out, allowing players to relive seven iconic games from Kobe Bryant's storied career. However, the selection of moments, while exciting, misses out on key milestones that defined Kobe’s legacy, such as his unforgettable 81-point game. This oversight is a missed opportunity to fully celebrate Kobe's impact on the sport.

Evolving the Game: MyNBA Eras Returns

The inclusion of MyNBA Eras offers a nostalgic trip through the NBA’s history, allowing players to experience different basketball eras with their unique teams, players, and rules. This year, the addition of MyNBA Lite aims to streamline this experience, though its necessity is debatable. Nonetheless, navigating through the various periods remains a captivating journey for basketball aficionados.

A Step Back in Storytelling: The MyCareer Mode

Unfortunately, NBA 2K24 takes a step back with its MyCareer mode, abandoning the engaging narrative-driven approach of its predecessors. The lack of an engaging narrative in this mode seems like a lost chance to forge a deeper connection between players and their digital careers. Additionally, the heavy reliance on Virtual Currency to progress tarnishes the experience, making it feel less about skill and more about how much one is willing to spend.

A Mixed Bag with Promise

NBA 2K24 stands as a game of stark differences, combining instances of excellence with aspects that cry out for refinement. While it successfully introduces technological advancements and pays homage to Kobe Bryant, its reliance on microtransactions and lack of fresh gameplay modes leave something to be desired. For the series to continue thriving, it will need to address these issues and innovate further, ensuring that future installments truly honor the legacy of legends like Kobe Bryant.

Graphics and Sound






Lasting Appeal



  • ProPlay technology enhances gameplay realism
  • Mamba Moments offers a unique way to experience Kobe’s career
  • MyNBA Eras provides a nostalgic and diverse gameplay experience


    • Overreliance on microtransactions hampers progression
    • Lack of new and engaging game modes
    • Abandoned narrative element in MyCareer mode
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