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Incredibox is a fascinating, innovative music game that combines creativity with rhythm. It offers an experience that captivates gamers of all ages. Incredibox allows you to control a band of beatboxers, creating your unique mix by dragging and dropping various sounds onto them.


The visual style of Incredibox is charmingly simple yet engaging. The beatboxers are depicted as stylish, minimalist characters who bob their heads in perfect sync with the beats. Each sound icon has a different color and symbol, making it easy to distinguish between them. The animations that accompany each sound are fun and quirky, adding an extra layer of entertainment to the gameplay.


Incredibox's gameplay is refreshingly straightforward but offers depth through its wide array of sounds and effects. Players can choose from multiple categories like beats, effects, melodies, voices, and chorus lines to create their music tracks. Once a player finds a combo they like, they can record their creation and share it with others online.


Incredibox’s Repeatability lies in its near-infinite combinations of sounds that allow users to create unique musical pieces every time they play. There's always something new, with seven different versions representing various music genres, from hip-hop to electro.


In conclusion, Incredibox is an enjoyable game for music enthusiasts and casual gamers alike. Its simplicity makes it accessible, while its complexity keeps users coming back. If you have a love for music or just enjoy creative games, give Incredibox a try.

Graphics and Sound






Lasting Appeal



  • An intuitive interface that makes composing music easy
  • A vast selection of sounds across multiple genres
  • Ability to record and share your creations online
  • It has fantastic replay value with endless combinations
  • Kid-friendly gameplay is suitable for all ages.


    • Relatively high price tag for a mobile game
    • No tutorial or instructions on how to play the game
    • It can become repetitive after extended play sessions.
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