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Bridge race is a fun online game for mobile, where you compete in speed and tenacity. Build a bridge to reach the end of the level, but beware of the sabotage attempts from the rivals!

Gameplay 4.5/5

Bridge Race’s idea is actually pretty fun. Once you join a match, you’ll be reincarnated as: a faceless munchkin of a certain color: blue, purple, red, mustard yellow, etc. 

Your goal is to put the munchkin’s prehensile paws and fast legs to good use. Collect the building blocks that match the color of your play-dough avatar and build a ladder.

The ladder leads to the finishing line of a level. If you’re after the victory, then you should focus on your architectural endeavors and be the first to finish and climb it.

But as usual: it’s easier said than done. Your opponents can add a degree of frenzy, mayhem and fun irrationality by sabotaging your progress. This is done through putting a block of a different color into your construction, which means “instant fail”.

But two can play at that game! Or actually four — it seems that servers can accommodate  four players maximum so far. So, if you enjoy merciless trolling more than actual winning, you can generously “lend” blocks of your color to the rivals.

Graphics 3.5/5

As a casual game, Bridge Race offers no visual extravaganza. The map is laconic: it’s just a sandbox with the colored bricks scattered all over.

The nasty, swift munchkins are also basic and devoid of any personality whatsoever. So, don’t expect them to wear bizarre costumes and hats like they do in Fall Guys. 

All this mayhem is surprisingly accompanied by dead silence. Maybe the creators took the Depeche Mode’s advice way too seriously, but the frantically running munchkins do not even make the classic Alvin-like high-pitched noises. (Probably they lack energy due to block-carrying).

Lasting Appeal 3.5/5

Bridge Race has a lot of potential, which fails to unfold at times. On one hand, the competitive element and the endless trolling potential hidden in its saboteur techniques is quite endearing.

On the other, the game struggles with frequent lags, server disconnects and omnipresent ads. What catches you off the guard is that sometimes ads can interrupt you in the middle of the match when you’re this close to finishing the cursed ladder. 

Controls 4.5/5

Controlling your persevering avatar is fairly easy. Simply press and hold your thumb on the phone’s screen, and the munchkin will obediently follow your every single move.

Due to the visual austerity, Bridge Race doesn’t really suffer from the FPS dips. So, guiding this tiny ladder-building mason is quite smooth and simple. 


Bridge Race can be a fun addition to your gaming library. It offers a good dosage of enjoyable havoc coupled with strategic thinking and competitive element. But it still needs a lot of fine-tuning.

Graphics and Sound






Lasting Appeal



  • Enjoyable & fun concept
  • Leeway for sabotage
  • Online competition.


    • Unhealthy amount of ads
    • Sporadic connection problems
    • No quirky outfits to win, earn or buy.
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