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Dread Hunger presents an intriguing blend of gameplay elements, successfully merging cooperative survival horror in first-person, crafting mechanics, and the thrilling core aspect of social deception.

Drawing inspiration from the classic 'mafia' game format, which gained recent popularity through titles like Among Us, Dread Hunger takes this concept further by incorporating a host of novel features.

Set in the 19th century, the narrative centers around a British expedition consisting of eight individuals traversing the formidable Arctic seas. Their shared objective is to navigate their ship out of a bay, obstructed by a massive iceberg. The simplicity of this task is deceptive, as the crew encounters numerous challenges.

With limited fuel for the steam boiler at the onset, the group is tasked with scouring the expansive map in search of additional fuel sources, primarily coal and wood.

Time is of the essence, as the team has only a three-day window to destroy the iceberg and escape before an imminent blizzard engulfs them — risking their very survival. Given the frigid Arctic setting, maintaining warmth becomes a relentless battle.

Nightfall brings plummeting temperatures, making it vital to collect resources during the day. To stave off the cold, the crew must rely on fires from campfires, stoves, fireplaces, and even the light from a navigator's lamp, which could prove to be a lifesaver in dire moments. Often, crew members might find themselves exhausting their supplies and struggling against the freezing cold in the darkest hours.

The game monitors three vital stats — health, warmth, and hunger. As the hunger gauge drops, finding food becomes increasingly critical. A lack of nourishment leads to a gradual decline in health and ultimately death. The map offers various wildlife such as seals, rabbits, wolves, and bears, providing meat that can be cooked for sustenance. In desperate situations, survival instincts lead to cannibalistic choices.

Graphically, Dread Hunger stands out within its category. The Arctic environment is rendered with remarkable detail and realism, from the icy seas to the desolate snowy terrains. Characters are depicted with lifelike precision, and the array of weaponry and tools feature intricate designs. The game's atmosphere is dense with tension and mystery, largely attributed to its stellar visual execution.

Navigating through the game is a breeze with its intuitive controls. Whether using a keyboard or a gamepad, players can tailor the control scheme to their liking.

Dread Hunger shines when played among friends, where its intensity and complex challenges come to life. The element of social interaction adds depth and engagement, making each playthrough unique and highly replayable.

In sum, Dread Hunger offers a distinctive gaming journey, marked by its refined graphics, engaging gameplay, and straightforward control scheme.

Adding to its appeal is the game's solid optimization. Even modestly equipped computers up to five years old can run the game without any issues, credit to an absence of heavy graphical demands and a focus on mechanics. Continuous improvements by way of developer updates and reliable voice chat functionality enhance the overall experience.

For those seeking a psychologically charged game that raises the stakes above what's offered in titles such as Among Us, Dread Hunger is a compelling option that promises ample replayability and thrills, especially in the company of friends.

Graphics and Sound






Lasting Appeal



  • The game has an interesting crafting system
  • The game is based on social deduction
  • Unique and immersive gameplay
  • Huge role-playing opportunities
  • Interesting mechanics


    • The game can be quite difficult
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