Spotify Login Error: What Happened, What to Do

24 Dec 2021



It was an unpleasant surprise for music fans that they could not log in to Spotify with a mobile app. This issue has been reported for a long time on Reddit, social media, and official accounts of Spotify. And now, at the end of the year, it’s time the company may finally do something about it.

The error happened when users attempted to log in to Spotify, but received an error alert with little or no explanations on how to fix it. It could happen on any network, in countries where Spotify operates officially, on devices that have not been modified, so it was not the user’s fault. Not that the issue appeared too rarely. On the contrary, it happened often enough on both iOS and Android, so users from both parties shared the same feelings about Spotify.

It seems that Spotify has finally accepted the inevitable – the realization of its own imperfectness. From denial and anger (moderators even removed posts mentioning the error from official accounts) the company progressed to bargaining, offering users to download the newest version and promising that this time it would all be perfect. Maybe it will. If it doesn’t, though, Spotify will go through depression and finally accept that bugs happen. This may have good consequences: for example, the specialists will address issues like this immediately, instead of pretending that everything is okay.

The current version for iOS (for the moment this is being written) is 8.6.84, and that for Android is The update contains essentially nothing but the bug fix. Just like a dozen or so of the latest updates that mostly fixed stability and performance issues. And, well, changed the interface a little bit.

Do you listen to music on Spotify among all other services? If so, have you run into this notorious login error? What did it take you to finally authorize? Let’s face the music and speak of it here in the comments!