The Ultimate Guide to Dwarven Smithing in Dragon's Dogma 2

08 Apr 2024



The world of Dragon's Dogma 2 is vast and filled with countless dangers, making the strength and resilience of a warrior's gear crucial to survival. Among the various smithing options, Dwarven smithing stands out for its focus on enhancing a weapon's or armor's ability to incapacitate foes.

Unlocking the Secrets of Dwarven Craft

Unlocking the Secrets of Dwarven Craft

To embark on the journey of Dwarven smithing, one must first gain entry to the enigmatic Bakbattahl. This is no small feat, for it involves traversing perilous landscapes and completing daunting quests. The path to mastery begins within Vermund's castle grounds. Here, a quest named Dulled Steel, Cold Forge awaits, challenging adventurers to seek the expertise of a master blacksmith across the land. Keep your gear ready, for this endeavor will test both your resolve and your blade.

Venturing to Bakbattahl

Once you're prepared for the journey, the city of Bakbattahl is your destination. However, this city only opens its gates to travelers. One must either cleverly sneak through the borders or emerge victorious in the Feast of Deception quest. Upon arrival, seek out Brokkr's Smithy, where an interaction with an apprentice named Sara will set you on the path to Dwarven mastery.

Collecting Glimmercoal: The Heart of the Forge

In Brokkr's absence, Sara, who yearns to learn the ways of her master, will assign you a pivotal task. Procurement of the rare Glimmercoal is your charge, a material essential for the fabled Dwarven smithing. Fifteen pieces of this radiant coal will suffice to stoke the furnaces of discovery, and your reward will be a forging technique that endows your gear with unrivaled Knockdown prowess.

The Saga of Steeled Resolve

Fulfilling Sara's request will not mark the end of your journey but rather the beginning of a new chapter. With her newfound knowledge, Sara will require your aid once more. The quest is known as Steeled Resolve. Blazing Forge beckons you to delve deeper into the world of Dwarven craft. It is a path laden with a blend of searches and soulful escorts, culminating with a return to the knowledgeable Roman in Vermund.

Art of Dwarven Smithing

The Art of Dwarven Smithing

Upon completion of these quests, Sara will be endowed with the full skillset of Dwarven smithing. This art form allows for an overhaul of your weapons and armor, significantly amplifying their Knockdown Power. As you engage Sara's services, your equipment will not only gain formidable base stat boosts but will also imbue you with the capability to thwart even the staunchest adversaries with ease.

Post-Endgame Smithing

Dragon's Dogma 2's vast world does not conclude with the story's ending. The Unmoored World keeps hidden secrets well within reach, including the invaluable smithing skills of Brokkr and Sara. Should you find yourself in the aftermath of one of the game's finales without completing the required quests, do not despair. The skilled duo will still impart the art of Dwarven smithing to any willing warrior, ready to enhance your equipment without the need for prior tasks.

In conclusion, the detailed steps provided herein are designed for Dragon's Dogma 2 players who wish to amplify their Warrior's prowess through the ancient art of Dwarven smithing. By following this guide, you can ensure your gear is equipped with superior Knockdown capabilities, thus ensuring your dominance over the fierce monsters that roam the land. Remember, the path to true mastery in smithing lies in persistence and courage — traits befitting any legendary Warrior.