Sovereign Skies: Mastering Dragon Riding in Skyrim

14 Jan 2024



Ruling the skies of Skyrim on the back of a powerful dragon is not just a tantalizing prospect — it is an actualizable reality for those vested in the game's Dragonborn DLC. If you've ever yearned to touch the heavens with nothing but scaled wings to carry you, this guide is your key to unlocking such an exhilarating experience. Saddle up, Dragonborn, and prepare yourself for a breathtaking journey!

Step 1: Embark on the Dragonborn DLC Questline

Embark on the Dragonborn DLC Questline

Our first pivot is to engage with the content that holds the key to our dragon-taming aspirations—the Dragonborn DLC. Without this expansion, the path to dragon riding remains shrouded in the mist. Begin the DLC's main quest and navigate its challenges with the might and wits of a true Dovahkiin. Tread the path laid out before you and immerse yourself fully in the unfolding saga that will eventually lead you to the knowledge of dragon-riding.

Gaining the "Bend Will" Shout

Central to our objective is the acquisition of an ancient Thu’um, or Shout, known as Bend Will. It is your conduit to the minds of the dragons, allowing you to bend their will to your own. The pursuit for mastery of Shout's three potent words of power must not be taken lightly. Bravery and persistence will be your closest companions as you venture forth to unearth them from the corners of Solstheim.

Step 2: Procure All Three Words of "Bend Will"

Your journey will eventually bring you to the pivotal moment where you stand before the final word of power. It is a gift, or rather a right, earned through your valor and tenacity. Once the Bend Will Shout courses through your being with all three words unlocked, you are but a step away from the power to subdue the winged titans of Skyrim.

Step 3: Taming Your First Dragon

Taming Your First Dragon

The world is vast, dotted with dragons perched in their lairs, awaiting those bold enough to challenge them. Engage with one outside of the named drakes — you want a beast unburdened by the baggage of history and lore.

Approach your chosen dragon with a heart steeled for the encounter. A precise utterance of Bend Will will ensnare the dragon's consciousness, drawing it to land. As its ferocity dims and it gently trods upon the ground, seize your moment — the dragon is ready to accept your command as its master, if only for a time.

Step 4: Seize the Skies — Mounting Your Dragon

With a gentle hand extended, interact with the docile behemoth at your command. Climbing upon its back is an intuitive action, a natural communion between Dragonborn and dragon. Feel the muscles tense beneath the scales as the dragon launches skyward, carrying you into the domain of clouds and stars.

Understanding the Limits of Control

Your sovereignty over the great beast's movements is, however, limited. You will not navigate through the skies with the precision you might with your own feet on terra firma. Instead, you will soar where the dragon pleases, congenial to its whims yet still with a hand in guiding its actions from afar.

Step 5: Commanding the Dragon in Combat

While aloft, your gaze will become your most potent tool. Direct it upon the threats below, and with the simple input of designated commands, prompt your dragon to unleash its innate carnage upon the adversaries. Whether through flame, fang, or the crushing grip of its talons, your dragon becomes an instrument of your will, executing your tactical desires from its lofty post.

Disengaging from Battle

Once you've had your fill of the skirmish or wish to withdraw, signaling to your dragon is seamless. Select your command, and your dragon, obedient to the last, will extricate itself from the conflict, granting you a reprieve from the fray.

Commanding the Dragon in Combat

The Art of Dismounting

Your landings, much like your ascensions, will be guided not by a direct rein but by an understood rapport with the dragon. Signal your intent to dismount, and your companion of the skies will find its way to the ground, permitting you to disembark with dignity. Be mindful: your actions upon descent may invoke the dragon's ire, so leave its company with the same respect you approached it.

Step 6: Exploiting Dragon Riding for Traverse

Your flights are not solely for dominating adversaries. Employ the power of dragons to traverse the expanse of Skyrim and Solstheim with expedition unseen before. Note, adventurer, that while dragons can deliver you to the precipices of many a destination, certain regions remain beyond their reach. Major cities and holds are excluded from their path, reserving their streets from the shadow of dragon wings.

We've now bridled the wisdom necessary for dragon riding and the power it encapsulates. Harness it with a judicious hand and allow it to elevate your experience in Skyrim to new, undreamed-of heights.

Bestowing an Unrivaled Adventure

In conclusion, entrusting your fate to the back of a dragon is more than a mere method of combat or travel — it is the epitome of the freedom and might that has defined your journey as Dragonborn. With our guide, you will not only traverse the skies, but you will do so with the confidence of one who belongs among the clouds. Ride well, Dovahkiin, for the skies now call to you as home.