Mastering the Royal Hourglass in Disney Dreamlight Valley: An Enlightening Guide

15 Feb 2024



The beauty of Disney Dreamlight Valley can only truly be unravelled with a magical touch and a bold spirit, and in this unique world, there is a significant tool that brings such an adventurous thrill. The Royal Hourglass Tool, part of the 'A Rift in Time' DLC released on 5th December 2023, allows Disney gamers to unmask the secrets of Eternity Isle and draw it back from its dire situation. To make your journey less stressful, this article serves as a step-by-step guide to securing this powerful artifact.

The Role of A Rift in Time DLC

A prerequisite for acquiring the Royal Hourglass Tool in this animated paradise is owning and downloading the A Rift in Time DLC. This exciting expansion pack introduces a new island, Eternity Isle, where our beloved villain, Jafar, awaits your assistance with a time-bending predicament.

Quest Completion: A Passage to the Hourglass

Upon installing the DLC, two main story quests must first be completed. Thereafter, the 'Flying Nuisance' quest becomes available. It is in navigating this quest that you earn the Royal Hourglass Tool — but only upon its completion.

Navigating the Flying Nuisance Quest

To complete the Flying Nuisance quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you're tasked with convincing EVE, who no longer recognises you. Only once you've assured EVE of your identity can you access the Hourglass Tool. But before all of these, EVE must be located. Here's a simplified sequence of steps on achieving this:

  • To find EVE, you'll head to the west section of The Docks in Ancient's Landing.
  • Once you engage EVE and fail to convince her of your identity, Jafar will then instruct you to head to EVE's house and grab clues that will confirm your identity.
  • You will head into EVE's house, dust through the junk piles until you find a sheet of paper. This contains a photograph which is one of EVE's memories.
  • The photograph needs to be taken back to Jafar who will guide you to locate the hidden area photographed.
  • After finding the location, you'll dress up in a costume from a chest found in the area.
  • Then, EVE will challenge you to prepare an old recipe to prove your identity.
  • Upon successfully cooking the dish and presenting it to EVE, she realises your true identity and grants access to the Hourglass Tool which should be interacted with to add it to your inventory.

More About Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is an enchanting life-simulation adventure game that blends the magical worlds and characters of Disney and Pixar into an immersive, interactive experience. Developed and published by Gameloft, the game invites players into a richly detailed, customizable realm known as Dreamlight Valley. This once-idyllic land has been overtaken by a mysterious force known as the Forgetting, which has scattered its inhabitants and covered the landscape in thorns. Players embark on a quest to restore the valley to its former glory, engaging in activities like farming, fishing, cooking, and crafting, while interacting with beloved characters from various Disney and Pixar franchises. As they progress, players unlock new areas of the valley, each teeming with secrets to uncover and challenges to overcome.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is designed to be accessible to a wide audience, offering a gameplay experience that appeals to both young fans and the young at heart. It is available on multiple platforms, including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, ensuring that almost anyone with an interest in Disney magic can dive into its world. Multi-generational appeal is one of its central attractions, as the game features characters and storylines that resonate with audiences who have grown up with classic Disney films, as well as newer fans introduced through Pixar's innovative storytelling. The game operates on a free-to-start model, with purchasable Founder’s Packs that offer early access and additional content, making it easy for players to begin their adventure in Dreamlight Valley.

Upon its release, Disney Dreamlight Valley quickly garnered attention for its visually stunning landscapes, engaging gameplay, and the depth of interaction available with iconic Disney and Pixar characters. Critics and players alike have praised the game for its charming narrative, detailed customization options, and the nostalgic joy of building relationships with characters like Mickey Mouse, Moana, and Elsa. Reviews frequently highlight the game's successful blend of life-simulation elements with the enchanting storytelling for which Disney is known, creating a uniquely satisfying experience. While some have pointed out areas for improvement, such as bugs and the pacing of content unlocks, the overall reception has been positive. Players are particularly fond of the constant updates and expansions, which continue to enrich the game’s world, ensuring that Disney Dreamlight Valley's magical allure endures.

Optimizing Your Disney Dreamlight Valley Experience

Securing the Royal Hourglass Tool is only one part of the fun in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Stay tuned to our guides and updates for new tips on how to enhance your gameplay and get the most out of your beautiful, new Island home. We've got everything you need to know, from adding characters like Jack Skellington to managing your village's population.