Essential Beginner Strategies for Thriving in Palworld

27 Jan 2024



As a newcomer to the rich and untamed lands of Palworld, you might feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of mysteries and dangers that surround you. From the get-go, you're equipped with only the most rudimentary tools and find yourself amidst a plethora of enigmatic yet adorable creatures, along with the ever-present danger posed by human adversaries. But do not fret! We're here to guide you through your first steps with a compilation of essential strategies to not only survive but also flourish in this vibrant world.

Adjust World Settings for a Tailored Experience

When creating your world or before diving back in, make sure to personalize your experience. By opting for 'Custom' in the difficulty settings, you have the liberty to tweak various aspects, such as experience gains and item retention, upon unforeseen setbacks. Particularly for beginners, it would be wise to toggle off the option that causes you to relinquish all your possessions should you encounter a mishap.

Level Up for Progress and Power

Growth is a cornerstone in Palworld. Your character's progression, the expansion of your base, and the advancement of your Pals will play a critical role in your journey. As your base level ascends, you're granted the ability to construct additional outposts throughout the realm, similarly, by ensuring that both you and your Pals level up, facing formidable adversaries, including the colossal Jetragon, becomes less daunting. Strive to maintain your level in parity with that of your Pals to command them effectively in battle.

Palworld Level Up for Progress and Power

Establish Bases Near Valuable Resources

When you happen upon a bounty of resources such as Coal, Ore, Stone, or Sulphur, consider it an opportune moment to establish a new base. Doing so alleviates the burdensome task of transporting these weighty materials over large distances and streamlines the process of exploiting these resources.

Stockpile Resources and Materials Diligently

In your conquest of Palworld, amass a diverse collection of materials by building ample storage facilities. Each resource, be it as apparently inconsequential as a Pal Soul at first glance, may prove to be indispensable down the line. Adopt a mindset of conservation, saving all that you gather unless faced with a favorable opportunity to trade with the Travelling Merchant.

Diversify Your Team with Various Pal Types

Diversity is your ally in Palworld - capturing and befriending a wide array of Pals, each with distinctive traits and abilities, is crucial. Tailor your team to the opposition you're about to engage. If you're venturing towards places like Mount Obsidian, known for its fiery inhabitants, ensure your squad includes powerful Water-types to counteract them. Moreover, there are bonus gains in experience when you capture ten of the same type of Pal, not to mention the option to trade any excess companions.

Diversify Your Team with Various Pal Types

Harness the Power of Statues

Keep an eye out for Statues of Power, often situated in forsaken religious structures scattered throughout Palworld. These statues hold the potential to elevate the capabilities of both your Pals and yourself. Enhancing your Pals' abilities requires Pal Souls, whereas your own enhancement calls for collectible luminous figurines. Upon reaching level six, the blueprint for a Statue of Power can be obtained through the Technology tree, allowing you to construct it within your domain.

Required materials for a Statue of Power are:

- 20 units of Stone
- 10 Paldium Fragments

Craft Outfits to Withstand the Elements

Embark on an adventure across diverse terrains by preparing outfits that resist extreme conditions. In the expansive world of Palworld, you'll encounter scorching heat and biting cold, sometimes even fluctuations of both in the same region. It's crucial, therefore, to craft outfits or armor that can provide maximum protection against these harsh elements as early on as possible.

Upgrade to Superior Weaponry

Survival in Palworld depends heavily on your ability to defend yourself and strategically handle encounters with the world's inhabitants and hostile forces. Your initial arsenal may suffice initially, but to secure your longevity and effectiveness in confrontations, invest time in unlocking advanced weapon designs within your Technology tree. Superior weapons offer an edge, allowing you to face off against both aggressive Pals and human foes more effectively.

Palworld Upgrade to Superior Weaponry

Activate Eagle Statues for Swift Travel

Within the vast expanse of Palworld lies a network of eagle statues that serve as quick travel points. Upon discovering these statues, make it a priority to activate them, for they facilitate swift movement across already explored territories—saving you considerable time and effort, especially when you need to make a hasty retreat from a perilous encounter with a less-than-pleased Vanywyrm.

Embrace the Convenience of a Mount

Our final piece of advice for the budding adventurer is to secure a mount at your earliest convenience. While eagle statues provide fast travel points worthy of activation, obtaining a mount—whether it glides through the air, dashes across the land, or navigates aquatic depths—can revolutionize your exploration process. Mounts not only expedite your travels and assist in locating fast travel points but also provide a dynamic advantage in combat scenarios, affording you the ability to engage foes while on the move.

With these strategic insights, you're now better prepared to navigate the challenges and embrace the wonders of Palworld. Remember, success lies in preparation and adaptation. Happy adventuring!