YouTube Music for Android Enables Users to Share Songs on Snapchat

07 Mar 2022



It seems obvious that on Android, you can share any content to any app that supports it – at least as a link. The stranger it seems that YouTube Music just couldn’t share tracks to Snapchat. Only the recent update brings this feature in, and it’s still extremely welcomed, though some of us expected more.

 Now, you can share tracks from YouTube Music on Snapchat. On iOS, this feature has been available for months; now it comes to Android as well. The realization, though, is more restrained than you might have imagined. No Android-specific features are integrated.

 To share a certain track on Snapchat, you need to tap the three-dot menu button at the track and choose “Share”. Then select Snapchat. What you share, though, is not an actual track in any form (neither an active link nor the file, of course). What it does share is a regular link, the app logo, the album or single artwork, and the name of the track. The background of the message is gradient, utilizing the colors of the artwork. To listen to the track, the recipient needs to follow the link. Subscription is not necessary for listening to a single song.

 What Snapchat is also famous for is its support of various masks and filters that often include audio. It might be a great step from their collaboration to allow using tracks from YouTube Music in scenes with filters. Alas, this will appear in the future if ever. So far, no plans have been articulated.

 The features you might want from this collaboration, though, may appear in unofficial YouTube Music mods. We remind you that if such mods ever appear, downloading tracks from YouTube Music and sharing them as files is a copyright violation.

 What did you expect from YouTube and Snapchat collaboration? Will this feature motivate you to spend more time with YouTube Music and share tracks more actively? Tell us what you think in the comments!