Twitter to Implement Captions on Videos and to Add a Special CC Button

27 Apr 2022



Captions become more and more of a thing nowadays. After YouTube and TikTok improving their caption features, Twitter does as well. Now some users will be able to turn on or off captions on the videos they watch on Twitter. If the testing turns out to be successful, the feature will be implemented massively.

Captions seem to be a very popular concern on today’s social media. Not only do they enable the deaf and those hard on hearing to enjoy full video experience. This is also useful for any person who watches videos in silent mode or in a foreign language, or even in their native one when the speaker has a thick accent or defects which render the speech unintelligible. In addition, the captions may be different from what’s actually spoken, for comical effect or in order to comment on what’s being said.

The primary concern, though, is probably accessibility. Twitter even has a special team working on this. Plus, its employees are reported to have been volunteering to develop and implement these features. So no wonder this

The button will appear in the upper right corner of videos. Of course, this implies the video creator has bothered to make the captions. It’s not clear whether there will be selectable captions, for example, in different languages. Probably it will be announced separately when it comes to this.

How soon will this be available to everyone? Twitter says so far it’s being tested. First, the new caption feature will arrive to select users on iOS. Then, the testing will start on Android. As soon as the feature is well tested and refined, it will arrive to all the users on mobiles.

What do you think of this feature? Have you already received this update? Are captions crucial for your video experience? Tell us about your impressions and expectations in the comments if you please!