The New TikTok Seller App Enables Online Store Management

09 Dec 2021



Who says TikTok is about dancing to popular songs? Now, this social media is deep into eCommerce, so it implements more market-oriented features. The new mobile app allows online sellers to manage their stores on TikTok right from their smartphones. Named TikTok Seller, it’s a separate app meant for running online stores.

It only takes authorization under the same account you use, and you can access the dashboard. You can create your store right in the app, as well as run an already existing one. Within the app, you can manage your inventory, access analytic tools, and track users’ activity.

The new app is just another step in making TikTok more commerce-friendly. There are manuals on creating video ads, various metrics and analytic tools for merchants, as well as tools for building campaigns together with influencers. Now running a store on TikTok becomes as easy as shopping within the app.

So far, though, the new feature is only active in Indonesia. TikTok is extremely popular in this Asian country, and it’s big enough to test the new features on a large audience, so TikTok has been testing innovations there for years. As for December 2021, the app is #42 on Play Store and #52 on App Store, keeping high on both Android and iOS. This indicates the popularity of TikTok commerce in Indonesia, as well as the app’s perspectives in the rest of the world.

And it’s not the final commercial solution TikTok offers to its users. As ByteDance spokespersons state, after setting up collaboration with brands, TikTok turns its face to minor sellers who can run their businesses from a smartphone.

Have you ever bought or sold anything on TikTok? Or just went window-shopping through store pages? Ever thought of opening your own store there, now that you have an easy platform? Looking forward to seeing TikTok Seller in your country? Leave a comment here below to share what you think about it.

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