The Last of Us: Part I Update Fixes 43 Issues on PC

08 Apr 2023



A new update for The Last of Us: Part I is now available for PC players, bringing with it a long list of bug fixes and other improvements to the already critically acclaimed game from Naughty Dog and Iron Galaxy Studios. The patch weighs in at 14 GB, offering an array of fixes that will improve the overall gameplay experience for everyone who has been enjoying this title on their PCs since its release earlier this year.

This most recent patch includes some much-needed bug fixes related to crashes, quality issues, accessibility options, and language versions – all aimed at making sure that players have the best possible time when playing The Last of Us: Part I on their system of choice. One major highlight from this update is that analog knobs on both DualSense and Xbox controllers will no longer freeze in one position – a significant improvement over what was previously experienced by gamers across various platforms before now! Additionally, numerous visual glitches caused by incorrect texture rendering have also been eliminated as part of these updates, leaving players able to enjoy a smooth experience without any hiccups along the way anymore!

Lastly, players can expect some changes in visuals as well; textures will be rendered properly with fewer chances of seeing visual glitches that were present before this update was applied. Furthermore, one source of frequent crashes has been completely eliminated through these updates, meaning fewer disruptions during play sessions than ever before now!

Overall then, it’s safe to say that The Last Of Us: Part I has become even more enjoyable thanks to these latest updates released today by Iron Galaxy Studios and Naughty Dog – providing an even better gaming experience than what was originally offered back when it first debuted in 2022! With such impressive efforts being made towards perfecting every aspect of its world, there’s no doubt that fans are still going strong with their love for Joel & Ellie's story a few months after its initial launch too!

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