The Chief Operations Officer of Pokémon stated, 'Our objective is to ensure Pokémon's longevity for several centuries.'

21 Nov 2023



Regardless of your personal feelings towards Pokémon, its ongoing success cannot be overlooked. The revenue it generates annually shows no indication of diminishing, even though the main games may not be as outstanding as in their earlier days.

In an interview with The Guardian, Pokémon's Chief Operations Officer, Takato Utsunomiya, stated that there are no plans to put the franchise on pause. "We aim to keep Pokémon thriving for centuries - ensuring its longevity beyond our own lives," he said.

The method by which the franchise will continue producing captivating creatures and concepts remains unclear, but Utsunomiya suggests that altering the Pokédex might be the key. He pointed out a significant discrepancy in the original games between Pokédex descriptions and actual gameplay. "However, starting with Legends Arceus Scarlet and Violet, you witness creatures like Bidoof building dens in-game and Pokémon moving in groups. This brings a fresh sense of realism to their environment. In terms of embodying the descriptions from the original Pokédex ... we have a lot more scope for improvement," he elaborated.