Snapchat Will Improve Its Shopping Tools

02 Feb 2022



In the new update, Snapchat improved its AR shopping tools. The app added more information to the Shopping Lenses and provided in-depth analytics for the companies.

This AR shopping experience has been implemented into the app for quite a while. Now users can see direct product prices and main details about the product. Shopping tools also show purchase links on the products. This upgrade will make the experience of trying on new items easier and more exciting. To see each, item users simply have to swipe through different AR Lenses.

Snapchat also expanded the set of analytics tools for advertisers and brands. It will provide them with more information on selling and viewing rates, so it will be less hard to launch new campaigns on the app. Now brands can optimize their Shopping Lenses to fit the demand of their customers.

Jeremi Gorman, the chief business officer of Snapchat, stated that this new way of shopping changes the perception of our reality, making it more fun and opening the field for exploration.

This upgrade’s goal is to make an immersive and exciting experience for the Snapchat community. AR Shopping Lenses will help businesses build their companies depending on the received analytics setting bridges to the growing audiences of Gen Zs and Millennials.

MAC Cosmetics and Ultra Beauty have taken part in Beta-testing new AR Lenses. Companies have seen an increase in interest from the customers and received income from each try-on. These trials raised brand awareness and checkout rates.

Snapchat wants brands to build their own AR Shopping Lenses and invite the customers to the platform. For now, these tools can be accessed only by beauty brands. Will you try new Shopping Tools? What other upgrades can Snapchat make in the future? Share your opinion in the comments below.