Redfall Bites Back: An Overhaul to Pave the Way to Redemption

06 Oct 2023



Arkane's Redfall made a rocky debut earlier in the year, and the game has been struggling to regain its ground since. However, it appears that there may be a glimmer of hope flickering on the horizon. The latest update for Redfall rolled out today, promising an array of sought-after features such as a 60fps Performance mode for Xbox Series X/S, enhanced PC performance, an enriched overworld environment, smoothed aiming mechanics, and much more.

Breaking down the details of the overhaul, the first area of focus has been Redfall's technical performance. The newly introduced Performance mode for Xbox Series X|S and fine-tuned PC performance cater to a broader spectrum of hardware configurations. The update also addressed recurring issues, including memory crashes, graphical corruption with changing resolution on AMD GPUs, and game settings resetting when displayed on a secondary monitor in windowed mode. Moreover, several performance enhancements have been made to hero abilities, weapons, and general game systems.

Significant changes extend to Redfall's gameplay mechanics. Gameplay adjustments have been made to elements like Aim-Assist and Dead Zone tuning, with many options provided to customize input response as per player preference. In the 'Settling In' mission, the player's ammunition is fully stocked up. New Vampire Nest spawns have been added, and various mission objective issues have been ironed out.

The gaming experience continues to be refined through combat enhancements. Components of light or reflective clothing have been added to NPCs to improve visibility during night scenes. Ammo pickups have been increased near the Fire Station, and enemies now reposition to evade friendly fire. Redfall's enemy population has been expanded for unmissable open-world encounters in Redfall Commons.

Environmental improvements add a much-needed visual upgrade to the game's aesthetic landscape. With references to the Burial Point district added onto the map and tweaks to overall lighting, Redfall promises an enriched environment.

Lastly, the update strives to improve the cooperative multiplayer experience. Distinct player indicators have been added for easier identification and better navigation in multiplayer sessions. The player ping visibility has also been enhanced.

While Redfall tries to climb back from its initial stumble, this massive overhaul suggests a promising turnaround for the vampire adventure game. Available on PC and Xbox Series X/S, the latest update is now live, warranting a revisit to Arkane's open-world offering.