PUBG Battlegrounds Free-to-Play: How It Feels in 2022

28 Jan 2022



After going free-to-play, PUBG stopped setting itself apart from its most known rivals, like Fortnite, Apex Legends, or Call of Duty Warzone. It’s easier now to enter the game for those who haven’t yet; but does it make sense? Let’s see what makes it different and whether these changes are for the good.

First of all, PUBG Battlegrounds is the most realistic of all these games. While Fortnite is rather a carnival, Apex Legends is a futuristic piece of hi-tech fantasy, and Call of Duty is… hmmm… Call of Duty, PUBG offers a realistic setting, realistic weapons and armor, terrain and bullet physics, in short, everything. This makes a difference

As for the gameplay, it also differs: while in not-so-realistic games you could recklessly risk and simply run-and-gun, in PUBG you need to use more stealth tactics. Luckily, you have lots of opportunities to get unseen and unheard for a moment. So if you are not here to try your patience, you better choose another Battle Royale. It doesn’t mean the game lacks action: shootouts and rides are omnipresent, they just don’t go that dense.

The visuals are better than ever before, and it doesn’t take a powerhouse of a PC to run it. You can choose between first-person and third-person modes, and while the former is good for aiming, the latter does better at any other action. If you are already used to playing other Battle Royale games, the third-person view is salvation.

Finally, hardly will you be surprised that now PUBG also has microtransactions. Like in any other game of the class, all you can buy here is purely cosmetical, not overpowering you. There are also Battle Passes that take your game to a new level, opening new tasks and quests.

Have you already played the updated PUBG? Noticed any difference between the old and the new versions? And which is your favorite Battle Royale game now? Welcome to our island of comments!