Novi Wallet Is Being Introduced to WhatsApp

13 Dec 2021



WhatsApp, a messenger owned by Meta, is used worldwide for chatting and video calls.  After recent events concerning rebranding the Facebook company to Meta and setting new goals for the digital world, a new feature will be added to the app. Novi digital wallet is being integrated into WhatsApp, allowing it to test out cryptocurrency payments.

It’s not the first time presenting such an update. Previously the owners tried to introduce Libra as a virtual currency, but due to some economic and technical problems, the currency had not made it far. Right now, this feature can be accessed only by those who have WhatsApp in the United States and Guatemala.

But Meta’s developers are set to reach their goal, in recent interviews, the company has stated that a lot of modern problems come from the great number of grownups who refuse to take part in international banking systems.

Novi is glad to work along with WhatsApp, and in the company’s declaration regarding this deal, the developers have said that global financial systems carry out an important role in nowadays economy and politics. If people continue to ignore their existence, it might affect them negatively and, unfortunately, it can be the most underserved people who suffer the biggest consequences. 

This integration is about to bring a new era of international payments and dealerships. WhatsApp is an established messenger with a big audience, it can provide Novi a platform to reach out to new layers of society, and by doing so, the company will help to battle the overall inequality.

Cryptocurrency is becoming more influential each year, it is an important aspect of globalization and the expansion of the world web. 

What do you think of this deal? Do you think Novi wallet will successfully integrate into the messenger? Share your opinion in the comments below.


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