Meta Exits Live Shopping Business on Instagram

16 Feb 2023



As part of its “year of efficiency”, Meta announced today that it is exiting the livestream shopping business on Instagram. Starting on March 16, 2023, users will no longer be able to tag products while livestreaming on the platform. This change affects U.S. businesses and creators who have been using this feature since 2020. 

The decline of livestream shopping on Instagram is indicative of the overall difficulties the U.S. market has had in making it successful. This is not the first time Meta has shut down this feature, as it was also previously unavailable on Facebook. Instead, the company is now focusing their efforts on ads and other methods of sales. 

This shutdown is not without its potential benefits. Without the extra workload of livestream shopping, Meta can now direct their resources towards different initiatives such as customer service, product development, and more. Furthermore, the lack of livestream shopping may reduce the risk of fraudulent activity, which has been a concern with this feature. 

Although the shutdown of livestream shopping on Instagram may be inconvenient for some, it may prove to be beneficial for Meta in the long run. By focusing their efforts on other initiatives, the company can increase its efficiency and better serve its customers. 

In conclusion, Meta's decision to exit the livestream shopping business on Instagram is an important step in their “year of efficiency”. This change could provide a number of benefits, including improved customer service, product development, and reduced risk of fraud. What do you think about Meta's decision to exit livestream shopping? Leave a comment below to let us know.