Mark Darrah Returns To Lead the Development of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf

28 Mar 2023



Mark Darrah, the former executive producer of the Dragon Age series, has returned to BioWare as a consultant on the upcoming game Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. After leaving BioWare in December 2020 along with general manager Casey Hudson, it was announced that he would be returning to help develop the new game. EA also revealed that most of the Mass Effect development team would join him in order to finish production on this next installment of one of their best-selling franchises.

Many fans were sad when news broke out about Darrah and Hudson’s departure from BioWare last year. During his tenure at BioWare, Darrah had been involved in many aspects of development for all four main entries in the series – Dragon Age Origins (2009), Dragon Age II (2011), Dragon Age Inquisition (2014), and Dragon Age 4 (announced 2018). He was instrumental not only in creating content but also overseeing community engagement activities such as live streams and promotional campaigns related to each game’s release.

With his return to work on Dreadwolf, fans are looking forward to what he might bring to this new entry into the franchise. His experience with developing other games within this popular franchise will certainly help ensure that it meets expectations set by previous entries while still introducing something fresh and exciting for players. Additionally, having a well-respected developer like Mark Darrah leading development can provide some assurance that this highly anticipated project is given proper attention and care during its creation process.

According to EA’s statement, they are “excited” about bringing together members from both teams - those working on Mass Effect and those working on Dragon Age, so they can collaborate better than ever before. There is currently no set release date yet for either game. Still, hopefully, with these recent developments, more news may soon arrive concerning their progress and overall direction going forward too!


It appears as if EA is taking no chances when developing one of their biggest franchises ever – bringing back their legendary lead developer from past installments alongside most members from another successful internal studio are sure signs that they plan to serve up another fantastic adventure full of surprises for gamers everywhere!