Instagram Wants Its Users to Have Backup Accounts, and That’s Why

07 Dec 2021



Usually, license agreements you all have seen (but few ever read) prohibit social media users from creating more than one account per person. Instagram, though, explicitly breaks this rule and offers users to create another account. This idea, Instagram persists, will keep communication more private.

The official app has been supporting multiple accounts for a long, and switching between them is now easy – a double tap on the profile icon. But if you only have one account on your device, you may receive pop-up messages that suggest you create another Instagram page. Why should you? Instagram says that it will enhance your communication. There are private things you may want to share with your closest ones only.

As Christine Pai, the Meta spokesperson, highlights, creating a new account is a way to clean your Instagram life from strangers, old interests, and remnants of the past that keep popping up in your feed. It may also help you to get rid of unwanted attention.

Creating a new account with a new mobile app is easy and doesn’t even require logging out of your current one. As you create it, you can specify whether it’s an extension of your existing account (great if you devote them to various activities of yours) or a standalone one. This option will help Instagram better handle various accounts of the same person.

This approach makes sense in some ways. Some people indeed feel more open with a closer group of friends. On the other hand, the Internet openness often grows on the opposite: you share with strangers what you hide from those you know. In this sense, a new account may work just the opposite way: hiding from the closest ones. Probably Meta will analyze this (and much more data) after the feature rolls out wide.

What do you think of creating a new account on Instagram if you already have one? A start of a new life, or a method to express another side of you? Would you make it more private or more public? Let’s discuss it here in the comments!