Gothic Remake Preorders Now Available, Release Date Still Unknown

31 Jan 2023



THQ Nordic and Alkimia Interactive have recently launched preorders for the upcoming remake of the classic RPG - Gothic. Despite having a placeholder release date set for 2023, players still have yet to set a specific date available. The game’s FAQ on Discord was recently updated but still fails to provide hints of when we can expect it to arrive.   

On Friday, the developers revealed concept art for more rats, indicating that development is progressing well. The stunning visuals were complemented by music composed by Kai Rosenkranz specifically for this project – making GTOIC Remake an even more anticipated title among fans of roleplaying games. Players will be pleased to know that Unreal Engine 4 is being used to make the game look as close to the original version as possible in terms of character behavior and combat system. Voice actors from the original are also expected to be hired if they are alive and able. 

Though a placeholder price was provided when preordering on websites like Steam (the ‘will be available soon’ message), there simply isn’t enough information yet about when we should expect it on store shelves or virtual ones either - primarily because even developers don’t know yet what obstacles may come up along their way towards finishing this ambitious project. 

When all factors are considered together, one thing remains clear – players everywhere eagerly await news about Gothic Remake and its exact release date alongside more information about what exactly it will offer once done developing-wise, so stay tuned for future announcements!