Google Search Starts Showing Streaming Services for Game Requests

20 Aug 2022



If you google a game now, the main search system of the world will do more than just give you information about it. More: it also offers you some ways to play it on streaming services. And this seems even more fantastic as it turns out Google doesn’t do it just to promote its own streaming service, Stadia, but to really offer the best options.

No matter which platform you’re on: PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Android, iOS – even Smart TV! Streaming gaming services have become really ubiquitous these days. The strength of these is that they become the bridge between the game and the platform, even if they are not made for each other. We’re not only speaking PS and Xbox exclusives: this is also a solution if you want to play some freshest games that your potato PC just won’t handle.

Among the services that Google recommends, there are established ones like GeForce Now, PlayStation Now, Amazon Luna, and, of course, Google Stadia. It’s worth noticing, though, that Google promotes games on different streaming platforms equally, not putting its own product ahead of the rest.

With the new addition in search results, you can enter the streaming service right on the page of the game you’re searching for and subscribe with as little hassle as possible. If you are already subscribed but didn’t know the game is available there, you can immediately start playing.

This practice is nothing new for Google. The results it shows now for games are similar to what you see as you search for a certain movie, TV show, album, song, or book. Now that games don’t require platform-specific advertisement, Google can show where to get them as well.

Was this knowledge useful for you? Do you use streaming services for gaming, and if so, which one(s)? Do you like the experience? Any bugs to beware of? We’d like you to share your impressions about gaming streaming services in the comments!