Google News May Also Receive a Material You Interface

11 May 2022



For Google, Material You is the trend of the year. Android switches to Material You, so do original Google apps. Google Translate for Android and some other apps have already received this makeover. Now Google takes steps towards revamping Google News, and this will look more interesting than it seems.

The latest Google News update is not a complete makeover yet, but the app already has some elements of Material You in its new appearance. To be exact, it’s the bottom navigation bar. Now, as you tap any icon on it, it gets highlighted with a colored accent for a moment. Then the selected one gets colored, while the rest of the icons remain black.

This is only the first step, and even this is far from perfection by now. The color accent the app displays may mismatch the theme of your phone. But the app, according to what dataminers have found, is just in the beginning of a bigger change. The traces on the app are the evidence of further changes to come.

For example, the next update may deliver the updated “For you” screen. It’s not clear so far how it will look, so we will have to wait for it to arrive to witness it. But it’s evident that the app gets more attention in terms of design, and this is yet another step to fully implement the concepts of Material You across the array of native Google apps.

The importance of these updates is greater than simply getting app interfaces in line with the overall Android 12 design. This will also bring the new style to those on Android 11 or earlier, and the more apps get redesigned, the closer the experience will resemble that of fresher versions of the platform.

Do you like the Material You interface? Are you already enjoying remade apps on your phone? What version of Android does it run? Let’s talk about Material You and your Material View about it in the comments!