Fortnite Leaked Chapter 3 Flying Animal

01 Dec 2021



Fortnite fans can expect big changes and innovations in the popular free battle royale game. While fans are waiting for the big Season 8 event, the news about the upcoming Chapter 3 was already leaked. This leak may not seem the most interesting among other ones, but it does have some notable moments.

New Animals in Fortnite

New flying animals are going to be a part of the game, reported by Fortnite leaker. Hypex, the one who leaked the note, referred to the Seagull concept art and mentioned that they would be the easiest to find in the new beach biome of the game in Chapter 3. Hypex has established itself with its truthful and relatable publications among Fortnite fans. It is not known when developers will add them into the game during Chapter 3, but Hypex assumes this can happen in the Season 1 event.

Fortnite is constantly growing its roster of wildlife, now introducing Seagulls as the latest, marking it the 11th species to be featured. Beginning from Season 6, interactions with these creatures are possible, including the ability to domesticate them. The previous addition to Fortnite's collection of creatures was the Crows, which, if a player eliminates a specific type, can yield valuable loot.

Future Update Is Not Clear Yet

The behavior details of Seagulls are not known yet, but this guessing game seems to be entertaining for the community. For example, Sharks and Wolves are predators, and Wild Boars only attack when they get too close or if the player shoots at them. Frogs and Chickens will run from players if they get too close to these animals.

You should be skeptical about this kind of leak, even though the source is proven and has a good reputation. Even if this information is confirmed in the future, it can always change during the updating process. Are you looking forward to the upcoming Fortnite updates? Feel free to leave your comments below and share the article if you liked it!