Fortnite Back on Mobiles with GeForce Now in May

23 May 2022



After all these months of trials and tribulations, there is a way to play Fortnite on mobile devices like never before. No need to install APK from third-party sources. No worries about whether your device can handle it. Fortnite on GeForce Now is more than just a workaround for one problem: it’s a versatile solution for mobile gamers.

After a period of testing, Fortnite was finally launched on GeForce Now on May 19. The game remains free-to-play, with extras purchasable on Epic Store, and there aren’t any issues that may cause scandals like the infamous one where Epic was fronted by Apple and Google alike. While GeForce Now itself does require a subscription, Fortnite requires no additional payments.

One of the primary concerns among players was about touch controls. Though the original app handled them well, there have been doubts whether this will work just as fine on a cloud platform. The answer is positive: the game responds fast, and the controls are as usable as elsewhere.

Visuals are also better than one might expect. Transferring all the data from your local storage to a cloud would mean there is much more data to download as you play. Still, Fortnite on GeForce Now looks great, without compromising quality. Even on a smaller phone screen, there is enough space for controls, HUD elements, and stats.

As for performance, it depends on your connection stability and bandwidth. Just as it’s always the case with streaming. But if you are able to watch Netflix videos on your phone with your carrier, playing Fortnite will feel just as smooth. Of course, you should acknowledge that it all depends on the last mile to your device, but it’s inevitable, and the benefits outweigh that risk.

Are you a GeForce Now user? Have you already tried Fortnite on your mobile device? We’d like to tell you about your experience and impression in the comments!