Final Fantasy XVI Soars High with Three Million Units Shipped Just After Announcement

28 Jun 2023



Nearly a week after the release of Final Fantasy XVI on PlayStation 5, Square Enix has shared a glimpse into the game's performance. According to a recent tweet, the company has already shipped three million copies of FFXVI globally. While this is quite an achievement, the game has not yet reached the heights of Final Fantasy XV, which set a series record by shipping five million copies on its release day.

In the gaming industry, few titles have garnered as much anticipation as "Final Fantasy XVI," the latest installment in one of the most iconic franchises in video game history. Since news of its development was announced, fans have been on tenterhooks, craving any bit of information regarding this much-awaited game. Their enthusiasm seems to have paid off, as in a rare move, "Final Fantasy XVI" has already shipped three million copies.

The game’s maker Square Enix has a well-earned reputation for its impressive graphic design and enthralling storytelling. Certainly, this has contributed greatly to the pre-launch success, with fans eager to revisit this celebrated franchise's beautiful and challenging world. Continuing a 33-year legacy, "Final Fantasy XVI" is anticipated to be a mega-hit based on its pre-launch achievements.

"Final Fantasy XVI" has also been reported to include several new features alongside its traditional role-playing elements. These include real-time combat mechanics, subtly woven into the narrative, aiming to offer a deeper player immersion into the game plot. This sense of anticipation and built-up excitement have undeniably contributed to the game's early success.

The performance of "Final Fantasy XVI" even before its global release signifies not only a major success for Square Enix but also an unprecedented achievement in the gaming industry. It indeed encapsulates the enduring appeal of the "Final Fantasy" franchise, its loyal fan base, and its willingness to embrace change. As fans eagerly await the full release of "Final Fantasy XVI," the incredible pre-sale success is a testament to the game's appeal and assures us that it is well on track to become another monumental entry in the iconic series.