Enigma of The Hunter in Starfield: A Non-Recruitable Masterpiece

11 Sep 2023



As players explore the vast expanse of Starfield's intriguing galaxy, they come across a myriad of characters, each with unique personalities and storylines. Similar to the beloved companions in Skyrim and Fallout 4, Starfield, too, offers over 20 potential companions that players can recruit to accompany them on their interstellar adventures. However, one character stands out for his enigmatic aura and distinctive presence: The Hunter. But can this seemingly aloof and captivating character become a part of your crew?

Recruitment Possibilities: The Hunter's Stand

Despite his striking appearance and intriguing backstory, The Hunter, unfortunately, is not recruitable. This unapproachable character considers alliances and discussions a tedious affair and refrains from forming connections with others. So, whether it's a romantic alliance or a camaraderie you're hoping for, The Hunter is off the table. However, that doesn't mean he is entirely unreachable. Players can enjoy engaging in conversations with him at Jemison’s Viewport bar, shedding light on his enigmatic backstory before diving deeper into his persona in the main campaign.

Who is The Hunter?

Adding to Starfield's rich lore, The Hunter is a member of the Starborn faction, a group of individuals who have transcended their human form by journeying through 'The Unity'. This journey enables them to traverse different universes, a concept that adds a layer of complexity to Starfield's narrative. Alongside The Hunter, the game introduces another Starborn member, The Emissary, both of whom have distinct views on the game's central plot device: the mysterious Artifacts.

Contrasting Viewpoints of the Starborn

The Emissary and The Hunter hold contrasting opinions about the Artifacts' possession. The Emissary believes that only the worthy individuals, akin to the Starborn, should have the privilege to possess the Artifacts. On the contrary, The Hunter holds a more pragmatic viewpoint. He thinks that the concepts of morality are insignificant in the grand scheme of things. In his opinion, only those with enough skill should have access to these potent objects. This belief drives him to extreme measures to obtain the Artifacts, even if it means overcoming anyone that obstructs his path, including the player.

The Hunter's Unforeseen Resolution

As the story progresses, players will find themselves in multiple confrontations with The Hunter. Despite his unwavering determination, The Hunter eventually acknowledges the player's skills after they best him in combat. This change of heart leads him to step aside, allowing the player to proceed with the Artifacts as he waits in anticipation to witness the unfolding events. This unexpected resolution leaves players wishing The Hunter could be recruited as a companion, given his unique character development.

Exploring the Settled Systems with Alternatives

Although it's disappointing that The Hunter can't join the player's crew, Starfield still offers over 20 potential companions to recruit. Each companion boasts unique abilities and skill sets, catering to various playstyles, making the exploration of the Settled Systems an engaging journey. Despite The Hunter's unavailability, the richness of Starfield's character roster ensures an immersive and dynamic gameplay experience.

Exploring the myriad of companions, their unique abilities, and the intriguing dynamics they bring to the game can be as fascinating as unraveling the mysterious enigma of The Hunter. Starfield, with its compelling characters and intriguing narrative, continues to captivate players, offering a distinct space exploration experience.