Destiny 2: Lightfall Expansion Brings a Darker Tone with Official Release Date and Time

27 Feb 2023



Destiny 2's free-to-play online shooter is set to receive its newest expansion, Destiny 2: Lightfall. This update will bring many features to the game, including a new location, campaign, raid, quests and loot. Players can also look forward to Strand subclasses that will provide an exciting experience for all gamers. With this in mind, Bungie has finally announced the official release date and time of the update - February 28th 2023, at 9 AM Pacific Standard Time.

For players across different regions of the world to be able to enjoy Lightfall as soon as it goes live on February 28th 2023, Bungie will take their servers offline one day prior, on 27th February 2023, from 9 AM PST for maintenance and preloads of Lightfall content can be completed without interruption or delay. In line with this announcement made by Bungie on their website, it was further revealed that size and storage options might vary depending upon which platform players choose when playing Destiny2:Lightfall.

Some fans previously reported that they had accidentally released Destiny2: Lightfall early in certain regions; however, due to many bugs it caused, players were unable prevent logging into their accounts until Bungie implemented fixes right away, according too reports made by them around that period regarding this issue even though many fans got excited seeing screens brought about by latest updates, but now everything is right back on track with an official release date & time given out along with preparation plans mentioned above by Bungie itself..

With regards towards what type gameplay experience awaits us once we get our hands onto ‘Light Fall’, reports suggest that teaser trailers already released regarding same matter show us glimpses hinting towards vaporware visual style within darker tone compared too usual found within destiny games providing change pace instead fittingly instead giving out something new never seen before still keeping things fresh alike ever since beginnings till now at least hopefully!

Therefore overall, if you are fan much anticipated light fall expansion coming our way, then read carefully through each point listed above so you can prepare yourself accordingly ahead during next few days until official launch date arrives. Ultimately having best gaming experience possible once ready, whether playing solo or together your friends family, whatever case. Enjoy yourselves either way. Just remember, only couple days left rest should go pretty smoothly afterwards!