Crossfire: Warzone Introduces Improvements and New Content

02 Jul 2022



A popular tactical strategy war game receives the biggest update in its history. With it, Crossfire: Warzone gets more new content, including new competition modes, in-game events, an updated interface, and more. This update, as the developers say, redefines the genre; though it’s a bold statement, the game really gets unrecognizable.

The main reason for it, of course, is the new interface. Now, Crossfire: Warzone starts with an impressive cutscene, after which the new protagonist is introduced. Officer Reyes has to find and take down the enemy commander, some Breaker who commands zombified troops you are to fight here. If previously the interface took time to figure out and the learning curve was rather steep, now it’s easier for a newcomer to start playing and enjoying the game. Other helpful additions are a good tutorial and the well-organized and comprehensive Guidebook.

The Sudden Breach update got its name from the new storyline which you follow throughout the game. Previously, the game was full of grinding; now, it’s structured into levels, with 70 battles organized into 7 chapters and featuring boss battles in the end. As you play, you repair buildings on the base captured and nearly destroyed by terrorists and unlock new abilities (like reinforcements to summon). Tactical elements include selecting the Leader to use their Skills and minimize the spending of Skill Points that otherwise have to be earned, which would slow down your progress.

What didn’t change is the free-to-play model that allows for in-game purchases (and mostly builds upon them). Still, to easily reach the final levels, you need to purchase extra items and abilities. Otherwise, there isn’t much difference from the grind festival the game used to be.

Have you played Crossfire: Warzone before the update? And after? Do you think the update was better for the game? Or, on the contrary? Anyway, we’d like to read your opinion down here in the comments!