Astro Bot Embarks on a Cosmic Journey Celebrating PlayStation's Legacy with Over 150 Iconic Tributes

04 Jun 2024



Astro Bot promises to be a colossal adventure, boasting exploration across more than 50 celestial bodies and the discovery of upwards of 150 tributes to PlayStation's rich legacy. Sony's latest revelation about its Astro Bot title tailored for the PS5 hints at a hefty dose of PlayStation references throughout the game. According to the game's official digital storefront, adventurers will traverse "more than 50 thrilling celestial bodies," and engage in missions to save "over 150 emblematic VIP Bots that draw inspiration from the most memorable figures across PlayStation's three-decade-spanning saga."

Carrying forward a tradition established by Team Asobi, the creators behind the Astro Bot saga including Astro Bot Rescue Mission for the pioneering PlayStation VR, and Astro’s Playroom—a concise adventure preloaded on all PS5 units. The unveiling trailer of Astro Bot during the most recent State of Play showcase subtly revealed several nods to PlayStation lore, featuring adorable robotic incarnations of Kratos, PaRappa the Rapper, and a hunter from Bloodborne among others.

Prior installations have celebrated the brand’s 30-year heritage with easter eggs such as Cloud's Buster Sword from Final Fantasy 7 and the iconic Feisar ship from Wipeout, discreetly placed in the backdrop. The anticipation is high for these nostalgic tributes to persist in the new Astro Bot, perhaps with even rarer references like Jumping Flash or Colony Wars surfacing.

The Astro Bot franchise has conventionally served as a platform to showcase PlayStation's latest technological advancements. Astro Bot Rescue Mission set a high standard for original PlayStation VR content by effectively leveraging virtual reality to craft truly immersive 360-degree settings. Similarly, Astro's Playroom demonstrated the potentials of the DualSense Wireless Controller, with its nuanced haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, alongside housing a museum of collectible PlayStation gadgets, delighting die-hard fans.