Unlocking the Enigmatic Ending: A Comprehensive Guide to Roblox's Color or Die Secret Ending

26 May 2023



For those who relish a challenge and the thrill of unearthing hidden gems in their favorite games, Roblox's "Color or Die" offers a new secret ending that is sure to pique your interest. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps required to unlock this elusive ending, along with the various challenges and tasks that await you. So, strap in and prepare for an unforgettable and rewarding gaming experience!

Step 1: Get Acquainted with the Game and Its Basic Mechanics

Before diving into the quest for the secret ending, familiarize yourself with the game's core mechanics. In "Color or Die," players must navigate a perilous maze filled with riddles and challenges while avoiding capture by a menacing monster. Each player is assigned a color, and to evade the monster, they must stand against a wall bearing the same color. As the game progresses, players will have to complete tasks and find hidden brushes to advance further into the labyrinth.

Step 2: Start the Game and Complete the Initial Challenges

Once you feel confident in your understanding of the game's mechanics, it's time to embark on your journey to discover the secret ending. Here's a walkthrough of the initial tasks and challenges you need to complete:

  1. Begin by spilling black paint on the first pass. This action initiates the game.
  2. Acquire the red paint and locate the red door. Spill the paint onto the door and retrieve the screwdriver. Remember that spilling paint causes you to lose your color, rendering you vulnerable to the monster.
  3. Find the vent marked with a screwdriver icon and open it.
  4. Collect the orange paint bucket.
  5. Seek out the orange door, unlock it, and proceed.

Step 3: Continue Navigating the Maze and Gathering Brushes

As you delve deeper into the game, you will need to collect all the brushes necessary for unlocking the secret ending. Follow these steps to gather the remaining brushes and overcome the challenges that lie ahead:

  1. Take the yellow paint and locate the yellow door. Unlock it and proceed.
  2. Traverse the park to find the green paint.
  3. Unlock the green door and move forward.
  4. Acquire the teal paint and unlock the teal door. Behind it, you will discover a triangle that must be inserted into the puzzle located behind the green door.
  5. Complete the triangle puzzle, retrieve the blue paint, and unlock the blue door.
  6. Find the saw and cut the boards in the designated area indicated by a saw icon.
  7. Take the plank and complete the parkour challenge.

Step 4: Approach the Final Locations and Acquire the Last Brushes

You're now nearing the game's climax, but there are still crucial tasks to perform and essential brushes to collect. Follow these steps to ensure you're prepared for the final showdown:

  1. Take the purple paint, find the purple door, and unlock it.
  2. Climb the ladder, use the plank as a bridge, and locate the hammer near the pink door.
  3. Retrieve the hammer and break the glass marked with a hammer icon.
  4. Acquire the pink paint, head to the pink door, and unlock it.
  5. Pick up the key and return to the first parkour location. Complete it and unlock the door.
  6. In this room, you will find the last brush. Collect it and advance to the previously closed final location.
  7. Inside the final room, you will discover a bucket of white paint – a vital clue to the secret ending.

Step 5: Unlock the Secret Ending and Reap the Rewards

Now that you have the white paint bucket, you're inches away from the secret ending. Follow these final steps to unveil the hidden conclusion:

  1. With the white paint bucket in hand, return to the game's starting point. This can be challenging, as you will be without color and vulnerable to the monster.
  2. Unlock the white door at the initial location. Behind it lies the secret ending, waiting for you to uncover its mysteries.

Though the path to Roblox's "Color or Die" secret ending is filled with challenges and dangers, this comprehensive guide should provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to prevail. So, muster your courage, prepare yourself for an unforgettable adventure, and unlock the enigmatic conclusion that awaits you!