Discovering Terra Nil: Unlock the Secrets to Restoring the Desolate Island

09 May 2023



Terra Nil offers a unique gaming experience where the main objective is to restore desolate landscapes and bring them back to life. One of the most intriguing areas in the game is the Desolate Island, which introduces new biomes and mechanics for players to master. To help you achieve success in this challenging environment, we've compiled a comprehensive guide structured into consistent steps with headlines for each one. Follow the steps outlined below to unlock the secrets of restoring the Desolate Island in Terra Nil.

Lay the Foundation - Stage 1 Terra Nil Desolate Tier 1

Lay the Foundation - Stage 1 Terra Nil Desolate Tier 1

Start by laying the groundwork for the restoration process by focusing on cleaning polluted ocean tiles surrounding the island. Place Turbines, Toxin Scrubbers, and Water Pumps strategically to maximize their effectiveness. Use the Toxin Scrubber's ocean-cleaning function to clean ocean tiles and generate leaves. Employ new buildings like Mineralizers and Sandbanks to convert ocean tiles into rock tiles or raise sand tiles out of shallow ocean tiles.

Tackle Bonus Objectives in Stage 1

Set your sights on completing bonus objectives during Stage 1 to boost your overall score. Most objectives require high temperatures and humidity, so deploy Cloud Seeders and Combustors strategically to strike a balance in these global stats. Keep in mind that once an objective is unlocked, it remains so for the remainder of the game. Prioritize unlocking all 11 objectives by raising humidity over 50% and subsequently increasing the temperature.

Advance to Stage 2 - Terra Nil Desolate Tier 2

Terra Nil Desolate Tier 2

With Stage 1 completed, move on to the second stage. Here, you will gain access to new buildings, including Hydroponium, Combustor, Littarium, Salinator, Shadecloth Pillar, Monorail, and Coral Lab. Each building serves a specific purpose related to creating new biomes, enhancing biodiversity, or relocating buildings. Leverage these new tools to expand your restoration efforts and further unlock bonus objectives.

Master Biome Creation and Achieve Biodiversity Goals

In Stage 2, concentrate on creating new biomes and maximizing biodiversity. Use Hydroponium to produce wetlands, Salinator to convert wetlands into mangroves, Shadecloth Pillar to establish tropical forests, and Coral Lab to form coral reefs. By carefully managing these biomes and utilizing the Monorail to reposition buildings, you can achieve the required 50% biodiversity, unlocking the Monorail Node and paving the way to Stage 3.

Reach Stage 3 - Terra Nil Desolate Tier 3

Terra Nil Desolate Tier 3

In the final stage of restoring the Desolate Island, your primary goal is to locate three of six animal species and remove all buildings from the island. Utilize returning tools like the Airship, Recycling Silo, and Animal Observatory, along with new additions such as the Recycler Station, Recycling Beacon, and Rock Hopper, to accomplish this task. Ensure your Monorail network is connected to the Recycler Station, and use Recycling Beacons and Rock Hoppers strategically to eliminate buildings and create space for Monorail Nodes.


By following the steps outlined in this guide, you will gain invaluable insights into restoring the Desolate Island in Terra Nil. As you progress through the game and implement these strategies, you'll hone your skills and become a master of this eco-friendly strategy game. From laying the foundation in Stage 1 to achieving biodiversity goals and navigating the challenges of Stage 3, you are now equipped to unlock the secrets of the Desolate Island and achieve the highest possible score in Terra Nil. Happy restoring!