Twitter Tests the “Unmentioning” Feature and Releases the ALT Badge

11 Apr 2022



Among the new features that Twitter is testing right now, there are two most noticeable. One of them is the ALT badge that users can add to their images. These badges enable users to add extra descriptions. Another is “unmentioning” – the possibility to remove yourself from a conversation that you don’t want to follow anymore.

The ALT badges are yet another method to make posts on Twitter more interactive. With this feature, you can add descriptions to the images you post. Even if you upload a single picture, you can add the “ALT” description to it. In HTML, “ALT” is the tag for the text that shows on the page if the image does not load for some reason. Thus, the name for this feature is logical. 

As for “unmentioning”, this feature is to be appreciated by active users who get involved in multiple conversations. As you start or reply in a thread that gains much attention, you get notified about replies where you are mentioned. These notifications may get extremely annoying, so “unmentioning” yourself from the thread will save much time and nerve. 

If you opt to unmention yourself, your nickname will turn gray in the selected thread. Other users will not be able to mention you, intendedly or accidentally, and you will not be notified about new replies. Still, you will be able to read the thread whenever you want and reply again.

The new features are rolling out gradually. So far, unmentioning will be only available to select users. ALT badges are already widely used, as we have seen. The greatest thing about these innovations is that, unlike tweet editing, they will not be exclusive for Twitter Blue subscribers. They will come to all the Twitter users on iOS and Android.

Do you consider these features useful? Have you ever been annoyed by numerous notifications of mentions? Do you already enjoy them in your updated Twitter app? Let us know in the comments!