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Nifty Games has partnered with the NFL and NFLPA to release an NFL Clash mobile for all football fans around the world. The cover of the game features two athletes, namely Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray and Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. You can become a part of your favorite team and test your strength and skills in the game against other NFL teams. Players as quarterbacks will have to assemble their own team to break through to the top of the leadership table. The officially licensed NFL Clash is completely free and available for download on both iOS and Android platforms. 


The game is a football field with 3D character models that the player controls during the match. The interface is simple and easy to get used to. The NFL Clash leaves a good impression on the overall design due to its pleasant color palette and smooth animation. Developers also tried to convey the aesthetics of the National Football League, paying attention to detail and other features of each side.


NFL Clash is a mixture of PvP and card game genres in the world of football. The game depends on how strong your deck is because the success of your strategy depends on it. To get more new cards, the players need to win matches and advance to higher-level stadiums. Cards also have unique features that create a game style and influence other cards in the deck.

Your job is to cleverly place your team on the field and not let your opponent understand if you’re going to go for the pass or the run. You will have access to a wide range of functions to ensure that your actions are not obvious to the opponent. Most of the gameplay builts around the strategy, so it is necessary to calculate each step from the beginning of the game. 

If you’re tired of fighting other players, you can switch to single-player and complete some challenges. But don’t think that the challenges will be easy because you’ll have to show your ingenuity and knowledge of the game to pass all the obstacles. After winning single-player matches, you can get cards that will give you advantages in the next PvP fights. You will also receive rewards and free chests to help you get the desired items. 


The game is very replayable because you will always have an opponent in real-time to compete. Moreover, if you get tired of classic PvP, you can entertain yourself with single-player challenges. To keep the gameplay exciting, the player can choose from several different stadiums to play in. The reward and achievement system also makes you keep on track of how often you play the game. 


If you are a football fan and want to try out as a quarterback with your favorite football players, then NFL Clash can be an excellent solution. Can you beat all the teams to get to the top? To install NFL Clash on your mobile device, you need to download it from App Store or Google Play.

Graphics and Sound






Lasting Appeal



  • Many achievements and awards
  • The gameplay is always changing
  • Nice-looking graphics
  • The game is free.


    • During PvP, the opponent can leave the game
    • Not much additional content.
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