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Fat 2 Fit is a mobile platformer, which puts your reflexes to text. Avoid nasty junk food and get the body of your dream at the end. Download Fat 2 Fit and learn what it really takes to be athletic! 

Gameplay 3.5/5

Fat 2 Fit gets two slices from two pies: platformer/runner elements are the driving force behind the gameplay.

You start out as an obese woman in purple jogging pants, whose buttocks size can put the entire Kardashian family to shame. Your goal is to “burn the fat” by running through a course with various barriers.

But jogging is only half the battle won here. Your other priority is to collect cucumbers floating in the air. Munching one cucumber awards you bonus points and makes your waist — as well as other sensitive parts — slimmer.

Your main deadly enemies, just like in real life, are hamburgers charged with trans fats. 

If the jogging maiden gormandizes at least one of those, her “fleshy parts” will promptly transform into some sort of meaty balloon. And the only antidote is again a floating cucumber.

So, our goal here is to maneuver the energetic fitness diva, helping her bypass the greasy temptations in the face of the weightless cheeseburgers. Once you make it to the end of the level, she performs a victorious dance similar to one of those we could see on Vine circa 2013.

Graphics 3/5

Fit 2 Fat is a 3D game, hence the posterior of the running madame is the first thing to catch your attention.

The levels are basically the same area with palm trees and dreamy crimsons skies, which hints that this berserk health marathon could be happening somewhere in Hawaii or at least New Caledonia.

Sadly, there are certain FPS problems and the cucumber-loving girl may respond to your commands with a bit of delay at times. Luckily, the automated moves solve a lot of problems caused by lagginess.

Lasting Appeal  2.5/5

Fit 2 Fat could be more captivating if it had more to offer. We get little to no variation. You won’t see more healthy food like radish, asparagus or turnips enthusiastically spinning in the air — cucumbers only.

The levels are rather too short and repetitive. It takes about 5-7 seconds to finish each. And you get no rewards that a game would logically offer: growing challenges, unlockable items, bonus levels, new decorations, and so on.

Controls 5/5

The anti-fat marathon is 95% automated. You just direct the nameless athlete towards her beloved vegetables from the Cucurbitaceae family. And that’s it.

Even jumps are automated, so you don’t need to worry about falling down the pit like in a classic platformer. Two of your thumbs are all you need to finish the jog and observe the triumphant choreography at the end. 


If you believe that a healthy diet and workout will save the planet and don’t fear the fat-shaming allegations, download Fat 2 Fit and devour all the cucumbers in the world! 

Graphics and Sound






Lasting Appeal



  • A health-related message
  • Free to download
  • Tropical vibe.


    • The gameplay lacks progression
    • Repetitive level design
    • No extra content.
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